Terms of Services

Eclixtech.com is a digital marketing company that specializes in offering cutting-edge solutions for your Digital marketing requirements. When using our website and services, you agree to follow all the points mentioned in this terms of service page. Please carefully read them before using our website. Stop now if you disagree with any of these terms.

1. Acceptance of Terms

These Terms of Service, establish a legally binding agreement between you and Eclix Tech, governing your utilization of our website and services. Through your visits, exploration, or use of our website and services, you affirm that you have comprehended, recognized, and accepted the commitment to adhere to these Terms.

2. Use of Website

The content provided on Eclixtech.com, covering text, images, graphics, and additional materials, is specially for general information and promotional purposes. Changes might take place without prior notification. Despite our efforts to maintain accurate information, We do not assert or guarantee that the content is complete, accurate, suitable or reliable. You're completely responsible for any risks linked to using information or materials from this website. Eclix Tech is not accountable for any gaps or errors in the text. It's your responsibility to decide if the data, products, or services you get from this website match your specific needs.

3. Services Offered

Eclix Tech provides customized digital marketing services for both businesses and individuals. The detailed terms and conditions for each service will be specified in separate agreements or contracts. Eclix Tech has the complete right to change, pause or suspend our services that we are offering without any notification. So to make it simple we are not obliged to give any explanation to you or any one else for suspending our offering services.

4. Client Responsibilities

Clients using Eclix Tech's services are responsible for providing accurate and complete information necessary for the successful execution of the agreed-upon services. Also keep that in mind that Eclix tech is not responsible for any delays or problems caused by clients for not providing their complete or correct information It is the responsibility of the client to follow and abide by all the rules and regulations when they are using our services.

5. Payment

The way you pay for Eclix Tech services will be detailed in the specific service agreements or contracts. Make sure the payment must be transferred according to the agreed time. If the transfer of payment is not done on time then your service might get suspended or terminated. Except as otherwise provided in the appropriate service agreements, all payments made to Eclix Tech are non-refundable.

6. Intellectual Property

This website's content, encompassing text, graphics, logos, images, audio clips, software, services, and more, belongs to Eclix Tech or is licensed to us. Copyright and intellectual property laws protect it. Make sure to never copy, distribute, modify or use any content without our permission Any projects crafted by Eclix Tech for clients, spanning website design, marketing materials, and content creation, are governed by copyright and intellectual property laws. Clients are not permitted to reproduce, distribute, or alter such work without acquiring appropriate licenses or permissions.

7. Confidentiality

At Eclix Tech, we understand that you might share confidential details with us while we assist you. But Don’t worry about the information that you have shared with us. We never shared your provided data with any one except if it is necessary to provide our services Also our client must also never share any important information we shared from them with any one.

8. Limitation of Liability

Remember that Eclix Tech is not responsible for problems caused by using our website, services or the content we have provided. Which means that any data loss, lost in profits, and missed business opportunity or the damage of your reputation, it is completely your own responsibility. Our only duty is just to provide you all the services for which you have paid us for.

9. Indemnification

Clients promise to protect Eclix Tech, its employees, contractors, agents, and affiliates from any claims, demands, or damages (including legal fees) linked to their use of our services, breaking these Terms, or infringing on someone else's rights.

10. Termination

Eclix Tech has the complete right for ending or terminating your access to use our website and services anytime, without warning, for any reason.